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“Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life.”
- Vincent Van Gogh

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Spirituality & Creativity

50th Anniversary as a Viatorian

He who works
with his hands is a
laborer. He who works
with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He
who works with his hands
and his head and his
heart is an artist.

— St Fancis of Assisi


“The Artist is like God, but small...” So begins a well-known childrens' book that describes how the artist reflects the beauty of God’s creation through the act of creativity itself. Beauty is a key to transcendence of our physical being to our spiritual being. Beauty is our invitation from the divine and a call to wonder, to stand in awe, to feel deeply the joy of our living connection to that which is greater than ourselves. For we see in beauty the great hand behind the creation. The artist's hand follows God's hand, such as the student follows the master artist, capturing a moment in the life of life.

Once in a while, God gives one of his children the rare combination of inner and outer vision and tops it off with a passion for creative expression. The works that come through one such as this have the ability to uplift others, to inspire and call the viewer to a deeper awareness of both their own spiritual connection with all the life around them. Through the creative works of such a visionary as described, countless people are changed from the inside out. Such an artist can bring us to our own inner sanctuary and help to reconnect us with that which is divine - simply through the living beauty of the art.

Palm Sunday at the Benedictine Monastery
Father Don Huntimer is just such a soul in which God has endowed the vision and the passion for creative expression, so that others can see truly see what God has created. Everywhere in Don's beautiful paintings, one hears God saying gently, powerfully, continually and sweetly, 'I am here! Don't you see? I am here! I am everywhere!"

Although through many works of art we get a glimpse into the soul of a man, through others we get a deeper glimpse into the spirit and heart of God's love. The forms in nature call us to look at them. The colors of a sunrise or sunset, the reflection of the sun upon the water or the brightly colored feathers of a bird, require that we stop for a few moments and connect with that which is greater than ourselves. But when these things are caught on canvas through the eye of not only a skillful artist but one that has found a LIVING connection with that which is greater than ourselves, then we are able to stop and take in those things endlessly. The colors of the sunset lasts but a moment and the bird flies away. But they last forever in works that have captured both the moment and the spirit.

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My home on the grounds of the Benedictine Monastery in Tucson

Father Don Huntimer lives on the grounds of the Benedictine Monastery in Tucson, Arizona, where he has resided for many years.

Fr. Don Huntimer
and longtime friend Milly Kaeser


My grandfather, George (Val) Huntimer second from left on the top
with his seven brothers.
My maternal grandparents: John Molumby and Julia Tobin on their wedding day.

My parents, Walter Huntimer and Mae Molulmby
Walter & Mae Huntimer's 50th Wedding Anniversary
From left, Max, Julie Lassegard, Fr.Don, Sr Jean, Harold, Sr.Laura, Rita (Nygaard)
Walter and Mae Huntimer and their grandchildren

Growing Up Years

Don Huntimer, Age 4 Months

Don, Julie, Max, Jean and dog Andy

Don, Harold and Max, 1940

The young artist and priest at age 23

by Sandra Shaw

I had to smile at the description that Father Don painted for me of how some people view artists, spiritual leaders and others such as himself that are at once passionately creative and creatively passionate about both life and their life's work (which are, in such individuals, blended as if one in the same). There are those, he related amusingly, that might have looked at him as perhaps a "conceited cuss on an ego trip." But I beg to differ with those that would look at such a gifted individual with such a one-dimensional view without looking deeper into the heart and soul of the man.

I have the advantage of coming to know Father Don through his art. A person's artistic expression is the true window into their soul. I am able to see the REAL Don Huntimer as I have had no physical form or personality in front of me from which to gather an opinion. As I write this, we have not yet met in person, although I feel that I have indeed come to know him! For as I have designed and produced this web, I have had the privelege of spending quite a bit of time with each and every painting. In deciding where to place them, how big to make them, bumping up the contrast on this one or brightening up that one, I have also taken the time to simply look at them. In so doing, I have spent the time to enjoy them and have come to know this artist from the inside out — for his paintings are his very voice.

Through the language of his heart - his paintings - I see a man of tremendous vision, a man passionate about life and all of God's creation - who SEES God in all creation and does not celebrate God's presence only confined within 4 walls - but who embraces that beauty so that others can see God too and who recognizes that life in all its forms is God's voice and expression. I see a man unafraid to think new things, to ponder new questions, to come up with new answers and to express what he has gathered. I see a person that has spent a lifetime devoted to the passion and purpose of the spiritual quest, who is not afraid to think outside the box and does not necessarily accept that which is spoon fed and gives great great thought and contemplation of those things which are put before him -- reaching further than the words to see the foundation of the concept and the truth behind the precepts.

I see someone that reaches to see what the meaning is for the things in this world - the greater reason, the deeper meaning and who is excited about seeing everything that is in this creation. I see someone that has not accepted dogma for dogma's sake, but for the sake of truth when it is of truth and not simply because someone said it is thus -- someone who yearns to discern what is truly Divine Law and that which is Manmade Law -- and knows that there is a difference.

I see someone that reaches to embrace life and is not afraid to step over invisible lines drawn in the sand that keep most people separated through cultural and religious differences. I see a man that I would describe as a universal and spiritual man beyond the outward form of his religious vocation. To be a religious does not necessarily make one spiritual or spiritually enlightened or more consciously aware of God's living presence. The most spiritual among us are not necessarily the most religious outwardly and in my humble opinion, it is almost as rare to find a truly enlightened, truly spiritual soul that has reached without fear to go deep within to find where God resides within religious orders as it is in the secular world.

Religion does not really define the spiritual person but rather the spiritual person defines the religion. When one FINDS God within his or her spiritual teachings, they shine a light on those spiritual teachings that others are missing and help shine that light on another's path. This can only be done when one becomes unafraid to embrace those that are different and honor the Divine behind all without embracing prejudices created by human beings. It is only when one gathers the wisdom of an elder while retaining the purity of a child's heart that the balance is struck of spiritual greatness -- somewhat like penetrating the line at the horizon. Where the sky meets the land, there is a defining line between heaven and earth and in that subtle place we become balanced in the truth of our natures -- that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

I do not see "an egotistical cuss" as Father Don has suggested how some perhaps might mistake the passionate artist, the spiritual man, the wise elder and the innocent child within that is still excited about colors and nature and beauty and God's presence in all things. I see this man through his artwork. And in his artwork I see his living soul — the spirit of this man that has become my friend. I imagine that those who would describe him as he has presumed, do not see the tree but only the bark. If they look up, they will see much more.

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