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"Look I am creating something new! There it is! Do you see it?"
Isaiah 43:19

Water Lily - Oil, 18"x24"

Inspired by Cezanne's “Montagne Sainte Victoire Seen From Bibemus”

2 New Huntimer Paintings Unveiled!

Father Don has given us yet 2 new splendors to enjoy this spring! The first is an original creation - an oil called "Water Lily" that measures 18" x 24." One can literally feel the joy coming from the beauty of this flower as it blooms forth in great color! Take some time to take in that joy, for it is there for those that open up to it, as the water lily opens to the day.

The second painting is the artist's own inspired interpretation of Paul Cezanne's “Montagne Sainte Victoire Seen From Bibemus” is done in oils and measures 24”x 30”. The colors in both are exquisite in not only their brilliance but in their movement. One is drawn into these paintings by the fluidity of the forms as well as the sensitive treatment of the tones and hues.

Many artists are drawn to recreate one another's works for a number of reasons. To master a different technique or to discover some of the methods of any one of the great masters, the artist can have no better teacher than the painting itself that has brought such things to light. The skilled artist can search out those fine skills from the masters and discover the intricate nuances that have made the great painters what they are. These techniques then become a part of the artist's own pallette and will be found in future works. To the fine artist, it is not necessary to have the great masters physically present, as it is possible to "tune in" with the mind, heart and vision of the masters by studying their work through this intimate connection.

The end result is not so much a "copy" but rather an individualized vision and interpretation from one artist to another. The painting above by Don Huntimer is very much a Don Huntimer original, inspired by the great master Cezanne, but rendered by the skilled hand of Don Huntimer's own inspirition. We have a new "master work." Enjoy!

You might also enjoy looking at a couple of works by Sandra Shaw,
the artist that designed and developed the web site.

“I want to thank Father Don Huntimer for his wonderful support and kindness in
offering a place for my own works to be shown, on this web site among his own
beautiful works. I am deeply grateful”. - Sandra Shaw

"Madonna of the Fields" - Prismacolor Drawing
22"x28" by Sandra Lynn Shaw

"I met this beautiful mother and daughter while on a phtographic humanitarian
mission in Zambia."

Portrait of the great yogi and sage, Paramahansa Yoganana, from India
17"x22" - Prismacolor Pencil - by Sandra Lynn Shaw
Yogananda authored many books including the famous, "Autobiography of a Yogi" that was first
published in 1948, "Man's Eternal Quest," and "The True Second Coming of Christ." Sandra drew this
portrait of the great sage while on spiritual retreat in 1989