See the work of past students of Don Huntimer!







“Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist
once he grows up.” — Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

The Legacy Lives On

Student and nephew Todd Huntimer at age 20,
proudly exhibits one of his own paintings

Don Huntimer's students have been able to reach their own creative spring deep within and pour forth from the well of their living spirit all of the beauty that bubbles forth from the soul. Through his loving guidance and direction, he has taken his students to the center of their own hearts, where they find the artist within just waiting for a way to be expressed.

This artist lies within each of us - it is not just a gift of a chosen few. Through our creativity, we can connect with that which is divine within and discover a vast landscape of endless inspirational colors, feelings and insights. This is the place where the joy of the living soul resides. To find this pool of inspiration and to find an avenue of expression is a bliss to the human spirit. Father Don Huntimer has been able to bring many to that place within themselves. Through his artistic skills, his vision, his passion, enthusiasm, encouragement and mentorship, others have found their own voice through the brush.

Nephew Todd Huntimer's artistic talent shines forth in his very first painting of a pheasant and retreiver. Todd was only 9 years old when this was painted!
A talented artist, Todd continued to paint his beautiful pheasants. This was done when he was a student of John Green of Madison, South Dakota

The joy of painting and creating art is like no other, and so sadly, so many people are AFRAID of it. Yet, as children, we ALL created so freely. But as adults, most become fearful of attempting creative expressions. We hear people expressing often that they cannot paint, "cannot draw a straight line," and refuse to put pen, brush or pastel to paper or canvas for the unfounded fear of failure! But there is no failure in art except the failure to try.

Don Huntimer's students show here that the beauty of the soul's expression through creativity lies within us all! When people get in touch with that wonderful place within where creativity pours forth, the well of inspiration flows freely. The beauty of expression from Don's students is deeply moving. What a gift he has given them in helping to awaken their own creative gifts!! We all have the ability to tap into that place. By sharing his own beautiful spirit, talents and mentorship, Don Huntimer has spread the beauty of God's living spirit by helping others to tap into that river of light that runs through us all.


One of Don's very talented students, Eduardo Madril, is proudly holding his very first oil painting! Eduardo is also a talented sculptor (see below). Bravo, Eduardo! Well done!

Mr. & Mrs. Madril. To the left is one of Eduardo's beautiful stone sculptures. Below is Eduardo with the sculpture from the front view.
“The sculptor's hand can only break the spell to free the figures slumbering in the stone”
- Michelangelo
Student and friend Barbara Swanson, who passed away from cancer in 1981, brought her beautiful heart to full artistic expression. Barbara lived in Reno, Nevada. Below are two of her incredible works.

Don with student Jan Prendiville on New Year's Day, 2005. Two of Jan's beautiful works are below.
Jan Prendiville's first painting of her backyard in Tucson, Arizona
Hollyhocks by Jan Prendiville of Tucson, Arizona.
Sunflower by
Jan Prendiville

Student John Ries with his mother Jean in Reno, Nevada.

OWL & MOUSE by John Ries

This is John's very first painting!!! John also worked with stained glass.

Don giving some pointers to Kathy Alcobia from Lake Henshaw, California
Student masterpieces in the master teacher's den.
Snow scene with the bare trees. By student artist Kathy Alcobia. 16" x 20"

“To share and impart one's knowledge, understanding, wisdom, sense of wonder, beauty and joy is to put into effect a never-ending ripple of inspiration in others and leave an indelible mark upon the world that continues to resound and grow. This is the gift of Don Huntimer.” — Sandra Shaw